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Goodbye for now, but not forever!

Hey everyone! 

For those of you who don’t know, I started News of the Jews because in college, I found that for a variety of reasons, my friends struggled to form opinions and stay informed about Jewish and Israeli developments. So, about two years ago, I began writing this newsletter to help my friends better understand their community. (Special shoutout to Yair Rosenberg, Max Neuberger, Ethan Helfand, Alex Landy, and everyone else who helped me get the newsletter off the ground and supported me over the last couple of years!)

Never had I thought that News of the Jews might turn into what it is: a newsletter read by hundreds of people, including leaders in business, government, and academia. I also never thought that it would be so helpful for non-Jewish folks, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the publication’s wide reach. 

Now, though, after over 100 editions (roughly totaling over 150,000 words!), I’m sadly going to have to pause the newsletter. I’m starting a new job, and I want to make sure that I am 100% focused on my work. Of course, that doesn’t mean there won’t ever be a News of the Jews in the future. It just means that for now, I have to take an indefinite break. So, as I said last week, while it’s goodbye for now, it’s not goodbye forever. 

Feel free to contact me with questions or comments at (I’ll continue to monitor my email) and follow me on Twitter @skaps9. Also, don’t forget about the Official News of the Jews Media Guide! Thank you all for graciously hosting me in your inbox every week, and thank you so much for reading!

Jewish/Israeli news sources:

Since I won’t be sending out the newsletter every week, I figured it might be helpful for everyone if I provide a list of some of the main sources that I would use to write the newsletter. Please note that there are tons of great publications and I will inevitably miss many of them in this list. Also, these descriptions are very general and just represent my experience, so if yours has been different, no worries! I’d recommend all of them!

Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA): JTA is a great, neutral news service that covers everything from domestic Jewish news to Israel. They have really talented writers and produce top-notch articles.

Forward: A phenomenal newspaper, Forward is one of the oldest Jewish publications around. Like JTA, Forward covers a lot of ground, but it features a more expansive opinion section.

Tablet: Tablet is a magazine that tends to run feature-length pieces on a variety of subjects. Tablet’s writers are excellent. (Make sure to check out their podcast, “Unorthodox”)

Jewish News Syndicate (JNS): JNS has a good mix of reporting and editorials, and its pieces are written really well. As the name suggests, many newspapers publish JNS articles.

Jewish Journal: Jewish Journal tends to run many syndicated pieces, though it does have a bunch of its own writers who are very talented. 

Jewish Insider: Jewish Insider is known for its fantastic daily newsletter that gives you the inside scoop on national politics from a Jewish angle (I highly encourage you to subscribe). Jewish Insider also has great features and election coverage.

Jerusalem Post: The Jerusalem Post has some really great writers. I’ve found that they do a great job with analysis (in particular of security and defense-related news).

Times of Israel: The Times of Israel is really impressive in how much news they can publish, and the speed at which they can do it. In my experience, the Times of Israel is the best place to go for breaking news out of Israel.

Haaretz: Haaretz has a robust combination of news, analysis, and commentary. Its English-language coverage is some of the most in-depth of the Israeli publications. 

Alma: Alma specializes in teen-focused news. I’ve found that they often have some great entertainment coverage. 

Kveller: Kveller targets an older audience than Alma, but it has a similar style. Alma also has some really good entertainment coverage. 

Honorable mentions:

It wouldn’t be a true News of the Jews without some honorable mentions!

Israeli gymnast Artem Dolgopyat wins an Olympic gold medal in Tokyo” by Idan Zonshine (JPost)

Israel's cabinet set to pass new state budget” by Gil Hoffman (JPost)

US, UK blame Iran for deadly strike on ship with Israel ties, weigh response” by Emanuel Fabian (TOI)

Deborah Lipstadt to be named State Dept antisemitism envoy” by Gabby Deutch and Marc Rod (Jewish Insider)

A guide to kosher food (and vegan options) at every Major League Baseball stadium” by Rob Charry (JTA)

In close Ohio special election, Jewish vote could determine outcome” by Jacob Kornbluh (Forward)

This Ultra-Orthodox Mom Is the Face of a New Adidas Campaign” by Bonnie Azoulay (Kveller)

The Olympic cardboard beds were finally defeated — by the Israeli baseball team” by Mira Fox (Forward)

House narrowly passes $3.3 billion in military aid to Israel, includes new oversight provision” by Dmitriy Shapiro (JNS)

Ben & Jerry’s Jewish co-founders back company’s decision on boycott” (JNS)

“Israel's Lior Raz on virtual premiere of new Netflix series 'Hit & Run'” by Hannah Brown (The Jerusalem Post)

Israel becomes first country to start third vaccine shot to those over 60” (JNS)

Thank you all so much for reading!

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